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Release of MOSAICmodeling 2.3.5

Dear all, We are proud to release version 2.3.5 of MOSAICmodeling today. With this version comes a revamped panel for categorising and initialising variables for simulation. There are now two nested sliders in the Variable Specification tab of MOSAICmodeling to ensure great legibility on screens with all sorts of resolutions. […]

Release of MOSAICmodeling 2.3.4

With today’s release of version 2.3.4 of MOSAICmodeling, we are introducing a number of exciting new features extending MOSAICmodeling’s functionality. Among these are: the all-new scaling panel for better conditioning of equation systems, the Cost Estimation panel, which is tethered to the PlantDesing feature, and the online solution of AMPL […]

Advanced Modeling with MOSAIC in Bogota

  MOSAIC will take part in a sustainability seminar at Universidad Nacional de Bogota between the 4th and the 8th of July, 2016. The workshop will feature the modeling of flash and distillation column systems. Course Material:

MOSAIC Workshop Bogota 2015

The latest MOSAIC workshop started on Tuesday, 8th of September 2015, in Bogota, Colombia. Access to the course material can be gained through TU Berlin’s ISIS system: MOSAIC Workshop Bogota 2015 on ISIS 29 highly motivated students have worked their way through MOSAIC features such as function applications, user-defined discretisation of […]

New Promotional Videos for MOSAIC

As of today, MOSAIC has its first set of promotional videos. Both long and short version are currently in German, explaining the basic ideas of MOSAIC and how it aids researchers collaborating on modeling, simulation, and optimization projects. Versions with English subtitles can be found below. German, long version: German, […]

MOSAIC Export to Aspen Custom Modeler and Aspen Plus

MOSAIC enables you to export you fully functioning custom-made unit operations to flowsheeting environments such as Aspen Plus by Aspen Technology, inc. With a basic mixer example we outline how to prepare your models within MOSAIC for the export, to compile them in Aspen Custom Modeler, and subsequently use them inside […]

MOSAIC Workshop in Hangzhou, China

The latest MOSAIC workshop in Hangzhou, China concluded last week at Zhejiang University. 30 students of chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering had a hands on introduction into modeling, simulation, and optimization in MOSAIC. We left Hangzhou with many new accounts for MOSAIC and a request for an additional […]