Basic example for data without timestamps

Robert Kraus

In this example we will add vapour-liquid measurement data from a Microsoft Excel sheet to the MOSAICmodeling database. The first step is to create the measurement setup as new plant and add a configuration as described in the basic documentation.

Raw data
Raw data in Excel, calculated for this tutorial

The configuration in MOSAICmodeling looks as follows. A sensor was created for each value and a pdf file was added, where the setup and the positions of the sensors are visualized.

New configuration
New configuration

Each entered value needs a unique identifier. In many cases, this can be the timestamp of the moment, when the measurement was taken. If this information is not available, as in this case, a consecutive index can be used. Therefore we have to add the index values to data as shown in the next figure.

Equilibrium data
Equilibrium data with index

Now the data can be transfered to MOSAICmodeling. Select the data in the column of the index and the value. Copy the values with the shortkey “Ctrl + c”.

Select index and values
Select index and values and copy with “Ctrl + c”

Now switch to the target set in MOSAICmodeling and select the sensor, in this case the temperature sensor TI01. Select the index column of the first row in the data table and paste the values from the cache with “Ctrl + v”.

Data in MOSAIC
Data in MOSAICmodeling

Press [save] to store the data in the database and repeat the steps with the other data columns.