System Requirements

As of MOSAICmodeling 3.0.1

We have switched to JAVA SDK 11. Hence, you no longer need to provide your own Java Runtime Environment. We now provide the necessary OpenJDK implementation as part of MOSAICmodeling.

Prior to MOSAICmodeling 3.0.1

The only prerequisite to work with MOSAICmodeling is an up-to-date Java installation. The operating system does not matter as long as a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is running. By clicking on Download MOSAICmodeling (hotlink on the left) or on the logo of the current version id the latest MOSAICmodeling version is downloaded from our server. Linux users are advised to replace the OpenJDK by the original JVM supplied by Oracle. Ubuntu users might like to add the Java repository of the WebUd8 Team to keep their Java installation up to date at all times.

MOSAICmodeling works with the highest security level of Java, there is no need to add our site to the list of exceptions:

Nevertheless a warning will be displayed during startup:

run Mmodeling signed

When you read “PN:Mmodeling” and “”, you can be sure that you are about to start the unmodified, signed MOSAICmodeling software.