Language Specificators


The following language specificators currrently exist for MOSAICmodeling and are available as Predefined Language Specificators.


In addition, a number of self-customisable User-Defined Language Specificators (UDLS) exist. These can be opened in the “Language Specification” tab in the Editors environment, edited to your personal needs and then stored in your own directory. UDLSs can be used the same way as the normal code generation options, with the sole exception of having to load them from the file directory. Details on how to customise UDLSs can be found here. The (publicly) available UDLSs are stored separately in MOSAICmodeling’s file directory: Library > User-Defined Language Specification

The UDLSs are organised by the following subdirectories:

AE/NLE – Algebraic/Nonlinear Equation Sytems

DAE – Differential Algebraic Equation Systems

ODE – Ordinary Differential Equation Systems