Learning Videos

Here you can find the direct links to the interactive learning material. Please note that headphones and a wide screen monitor are recommended to “achieve the full user experience”.

1 Introduction

2 Writing mathematical expressions

3 Core_workflow

4 Indices and NLE systems

5 ODE_systems



The video tutorial to create a Chemcad UAM consists of seven parts (and eight videos):

0a Migrate the Visual Studio Project

0b Configure the Visual Studio Project

1 Have a unit operation in MOSAICmodeling

2 Create code with MOSAICmodeling

3 Create MY-file with ScrBuild.exe

4 Compile debug dll with Visual Studio

5 Copy UAM files into Chemcad directory

6 Insert UserADD into Chemcad flowsheet and debug



Here are three additional videos showing how to get from a MOSAICmodeling model to a gPROMS simulation:

1 Generate code for gPROMS

2 Save the code as gPROMS file

3 Load gPROMS file