AspenTech produces process simulation software. Aspen Custom Modeler is part of the Aspen Plus suite and allows for the introduction of user-made custom models into AspenTech’s flowsheeting environment Aspen Plus. MOSAIC supports the export of algebraic and differential algebraic equation systems to Aspen Custom Modeler and the subsequent introduction into Aspen Plus. In addition, Aspen Properties can be used to calculate thermodynamic properties via external function calls.


  • commercial

Source Code/Binaries

Installation Notes

  • see Aspen’s documentation

Native Environments/Programming languages

  • Aspen Custom Modeler

Operating Systems

  • Windows XP/7/8/8.1


  • Export of NLE Systems to Aspen Custom Modeler
  • Export of DAE Systems to Aspen Custom Modeler
  • Introduction of External Function Calls to Aspen Properties within MOSAIC

User Options

See Aspen’s documentation

Applied Examples


Examples using MOSAIC’s Aspen Custom Modeler export can be found in the following publications: