GAMS is a general purpose mathematical modeling language and environment for the simulation and simultaneous optimization of large-scale nonlinear algebraic equation systems.


  • commercial
  • available on the NEOS Server, external link: NEOS server (academic use only)
  • limited size, free student version available, external link: GAMS for Students

Source Code

Installation Notes

  • no installation requried

Native Environments/Programming languages


Operating Systems

  • Linux (Ubuntu 14.04, Debian, etc.)
  • Mac OS X 10.5-10.9
  • Windows XP/7/8


GAMS is available as a command line tool for which an IDE also exists.

  • Command line: change directories to model directory and type: gams <runfilename>
  • GAMS IDE: Change the current directory to the location of your model files and open your run file ( or else) inside the GAMS IDE and copy and paste the contents of your run file to the console inside the GAMS IDE.

User Options

All user options of GAMS itself are discussed in the GAMS user manual.

Applied Examples

Examples using MOSAIC’s GAMS Functions as Equations export can be found in the following publications: