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Release of MOSAICmodeling 2.3.5

Dear all, We are proud to release version 2.3.5 of MOSAICmodeling today. With this version comes a revamped panel for categorising and initialising variables for simulation. There are now two nested sliders in the Variable Specification tab of MOSAICmodeling to ensure great legibility on screens with all sorts of resolutions. […]

Release of MOSAICmodeling 2.3.4

With today’s release of version 2.3.4 of MOSAICmodeling, we are introducing a number of exciting new features extending MOSAICmodeling’s functionality. Among these are: the all-new scaling panel for better conditioning of equation systems, the Cost Estimation panel, which is tethered to the PlantDesing feature, and the online solution of AMPL […]

MOSAICmodeling Workshop at Universidade Federal da Bahia

As part of the DAAD summer school in Salvador da Bahia, a MOSAICmodeling workshop with roughly 120 students will take place from the 27th of July until the 2nd of August, 2017. Access to the course material can be gained here: ISIS course Further updates and photos will be posted […]