Update to Version 1.3

We hereby announce a new update of MOSAIC (version 1.3). Compared to version 1.2.6 the following improvements and bug fixes have been included: Support for local server available upon request Vector based screenshots (pdf) enabled, hot keys: [Ctrl+Shift+p], example: 2014-04-10_MOSAIC_Result_Screenshot Added AMPL export for optimization Improved Accuracy of GAMS export […]

Announcement: MOSAIC workshop in Milano, Italy (May 2014)

We hereby announce the next MOSAIC workshop ‘Process Simulation and Optimization of Chemical Plants’ on modeling and optimization with MOSAIC that will be held in May 2014 at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy. The workshop is scheduled from 14th to 16th of May, immediatly following the CAPE Forum 2014 (12th to […]

Update to Version 1.2.6

We are happy to announce a new update of MOSAIC (version 1.2.6). Compared to version 1.2.5 several improvements and bug fixes have been included: The indexing section of the evaluation editor has been refactored. Indices are now displayed in a tree structure. Dependent indices are grouped under the leading index. […]

MOSAIC Workshop in Krakow, Poland

In November we had the second MOSAIC workshop at the Technical University Krakow – Politechnika Krakowska. The thematic categories were process modeling, simulation and optimization of chemical plants within MOSAIC. We are glad about the very successful progress of the course and looking forward to continue our collaboration.

MOSAIC Workshop in Medellin, Colombia

Some weeks ago, we installed a MOSAIC server in Medellin, Colombia on a server of the Universidad de Antioquia and opened it for public use. Additionally we were invited to give a three day workshop directly in Medellin to present the workflow and the features of MOSAIC. We had three […]

DTU – CAPEC Meeting

We had a fruitful meeting with the team of Prof. Gani (CAPEC) for two days. They visited us in Berlin and we had the chance to present MOSAIC in a workshop and also to learn about the comprehensive features of ICAS (MoT). Additionally, we agreed about some topics where we […]

Update to Version 1.2.5

A new update of MOSAIC is released with the following changes Bug fixes: Issue #8 – Error when Superscript is used as a Subscript

Update to Version 1.2.4

A new update of MOSAIC is released with the following changes The MOSAIC network is growing and we have a new server in Colombia Bug fixes: Issue #52 – There is not any option to erase a keyword from the Available keyword list Issue #38 – Connector is not working Issue […]

Update to Version 1.2.3

A new update of MOSAIC is released with the following changes New code generator for Matlab which reformulates and decomposes your equations to reduce the number of discontinuities Bug fixes: Issue #94 – Invalid summation max values like ‘NJ+1’ are not prevented Issue #102 – Error in Version control Issue […]

Update to Version 1.2.2

A new update of MOSAIC is released with the following changes New XML-Engine, which should increase the speed with less usage of the memory Bug fixes: Issue #3 – File selection Issue #23 – code generation with user-defined lang spec causes freeze Issue #24 – Evaluation editor loses location Issue #50 – At […]