Release notes

Version 3.0.1 (December 3, 2021)

New features:

  • We have now switched to the next long-term support version of Java. The respective runtime environment JRE 11 is now directly included in MOSAICmodeling and does not need to be installed separately anymore
  • The optimization environment now also supports dynamic systems and optimization by, e.g., single shooting. For this purpose, the user-defined language specification has been extended. Extensive documentation hereof will be issued soon


  • The log-in window of MOSAICmodeling has been completely refurbished and now also allows for log-in by an email address, which is associated with your account
  • MOSAICmodeling has now been adapted to the latest MariaDB version
  • The variable specification inside the optimization environment has now been replaced by a more advanced editor, which supports a wide variety of new variable types, i.e., control variables, measurement data, and discrete time points

Removed bugs:

Breaking changes:

  • older versions of MOSAICmodeling can no longer be used

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  • release notes and change logs of older versions of MOSAICmodeling will not be released here