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Installers for MOSAICmodeling 3.0.1

MOSAICmodeling Logo 3.0MOSAICmodeling Logo 3.0MOSAICmodeling Logo 3.0
for Windows (EXE)for macOS (DMG)for Linux (SH in TAR.GZ)

built by install4j of ej-technologies:

As of MOSAIC 3.0.1, the installers for MOSAICmodeling for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux are built using install4j by ej-technologies. We gratefully acknowledge their support of our project. For further information refer to:

Versions prior to MOSAICmodeling 3.0.1 can be found via the links below. These require Java Runtime Environment 8.

Depending on your problem size, we offer a choice of MOSAICmodeling versions with varying preallocated amounts of RAM. The default version allocates only 1GB. Click on the logo of the desired version to download and run MOSAICmodeling: