See our release notes for information on different versions.

Version 3.1

Windows (*.exe)macOS (*.dmg)Linux (*.sh in tar.gz)
MOSAICmodeling 3.1MOSAICmodeling 3.1MOSAICmodeling 3.1
Available installers for different operating systems for version 3.1 of MOSAICmodeling.

Version 3.0.1

Windows (*.exe)MacOS (*.dmg)Linux (*.sh in tar.gz)
MOSAICmodeling Logo 3.0MOSAICmodeling Logo 3.0MOSAICmodeling Logo 3.0
Available installers for different operating systems for version 3.0.1 of MOSAICmodeling.

As of MOSAIC 3.0 and later, the installers for MOSAICmodeling for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux are built using install4j by ej-technologies.

We gratefully acknowledge their support of our project. For further information, refer to:

Older versions of MOSAICmodeling

Versions prior to 3.0 were made available as .jnlp files and must be executed using a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 8. The final version MOSAICmodeling 2.3.5 can be downloaded below. Please note, you need to obtain and install JRE 8 yourself.

Depending on your problem size, we offer a choice MOSAICmodeling versions with varying preallocated amounts of RAM. The default version allocates only 1GB. Click on the logo of the desired version to download and run MOSAICmodeling:

JNLP starters with different preallocations of RAM for MOSAICmodeling 2.3.5