The MOSAICmodeling Workflow

The following flow charts explain the basic navigation and workflow inside MOSAICmodeling.

  • Green paths and blocks highlight standard MOSAICmodeling features, which will always be used by any user.
  • Blue paths and blocks are optional features, which may be used.
  • Purple paths and blocks are advanced optional features for expert users.
  • Red paths and blocks are interactions with software, which is not part of MOSAICmodeling.

The latter of course depend on your local machine and the software available to you.

MOSAICmodeling consists of three main parts, which build upon one another: Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization. In addition, a number of advanced features exist, which will be added to the workflow subsequently. There is a stringent workflow from modeling to optimization:


The Simulation requires an existing Equation System generated in the Modeling step and the Optimization requires an existing Simulation. Each of these steps are described in the following: