Update to Version 1.4.2

MOSAIC has been updated (version 1.4.2). The following things have been changed, improved, or fixed:

  • variable import improved: Import lower and upper bounds
  • variable import supports multiple whitespaces and tab stopps
  • Server in Brazil (Salvador de Bahia) added
  • Small correction to bug causing error when importing gams results as produced by the NEOS-server
  • Ports and Streams: PortDirectionId introduced, handling improved
  • Successful “SaveAs” now activates “Save” button on next change
  • Use of “search” button in EvaluationEditor->Select EQS and EQSEditor->AddConnElem enabled
  • MOSAIC_Combined_Search_Button

  • x_{i=j+1} enabled outside of summation expressions
  • Port and stream connection revised, including interface matching check