Update to Version 1.8.1

A new version of MOSAIC (1.8.1) is available now. New features, improvements, and fixes in MOSAIC 1.8.1:

  • improvement: Nicer images for the flowsheet module
  • improvement: User-defined langspec tests in advance if it is applicable for code generation of the selected evalution
  • new: code generation properties now available for user-defined language specificators
  • new: file name of exported code now available for user-defined language specificatorsMOSAIC_1.8.1_highlighted
  • new: greek letter allowed as an index name in the notation
  • fix: transformation can discretize equations containing the natural logarithm
  • fix: solutions of stationary problems now applicable to dynamic systems
  • fix: problems with ACM interface recognition in ACM code generation solved
  • fix: greek letters as subscript now correctly interpreted