Update to Version 1.8.3

A new version of MOSAIC (1.8.3) is available now. New features, improvements, and fixes in MOSAIC 1.8.3:

  • New: Code export and manual for Chemcad user added modulesMOSAIC 1.8.3 chemcad_mod
  • New: Parameter Specification Panel added to the Simultaneous Optimization Environment
  • New: Equation editor supports boundary conditions, including toolbox button for initial/boundary conditionMOSAIC 1.8.3 boundary
  • New: Functions with input variables having more than one index allowedMOSAIC 1.8.3 function_mod
  • Improvement: Tooltips for all toolbox buttons
  • Improvement: Hierarchy panel is now the leading tab in the equation system preview
  • Improvement: Search Button available for more user forms
  • Improvement: Table row height has been increased by 25% in many editorsMOSAIC 1.8.3 row height
  • Fix: Now it is allowed to delete packages without data elements
  • Fix: User-defined Language Specificator (UDLS) can now handle functions with inputs or parameters
  • Fix: VarSpecViewer export now uses exactly one whitespace or tabstop for export
  • Fix: The code blocks for ports in the UDLS editor can now be renamed
  • Fix: The code export for gPROMS now correctly uses the variable boundary information