Update to Version 2.3

A new version of MOSAICmodeling (2.3) is available now. New Features, improvements and fixes in MOSAICmodeling 2.3:

  • New: LargeFont feature introduced for most editors, enlarging all visible elements.

  • New: UnitOperationExportEditor now supports creation of 32-bit Cape-Open Unit Operations
  • New: ‘Test Iteration’-button now available in the optimization editor
  • Improvement: Open-dialog now hides empty folders per default
  • Improvement: The hierarchy panel of equation systems now also shows connection info regarding applied transformations
  • Improvement: Parameters can now be renamed and matched via connector
  • Improvement: More info is given when warnings or errors occur during the modeling process
  • Fix: Setting font size in EquationEditor now works as expected
  • Fix: Reloading a notation in the ConnectorEditor now does not delete the existing variable matches anymore
  • Fixes: Small fixes of several reported bugs have been applied