Simulation: Evaluation

Mandatory element

Now that the model is formulated and specified, we can solve it. This can be done within MOSAICmodeling, but you can also export your model to a variety of different tools.


The evaluation allows you to evaluate your model within MOSAICmodeling or virtually every available simulation tool.

Explanation of the editor

If the degree of freedom is zero, the simulation can be solved or code can be generated to simulate externally. The window “Status information” in Figure 1 provides additional information on the current state of the simulation. Code can be generated using hard-coded (= predefined) language specifications or user-defined language specifications. The former have been designed over the years by the MOSAICmodeling team. The available options depend on the type of equation system, i.e., nonlinear equation system or DAE system. Sometimes, you can also set additional options within the respective programming language in the window “Code Generator and Solver Properties” at the bottom, such as maximum number of iterations.

When you have selected a language specification, you can click on “Generate Code”, which results in the code being printed to the second tab “View Code”. From there, you can simply copy the code or you can click on “Export Code” at the top right corner. The second option – the user-defined language specifiation – is explained here and offers much more flexibility. All elements of this tab are explained in Table 1.

Figure 1: Code generation for simulations.
Status InformationProvides additional information on the status of the current simulation
Language specificationLets you choose from a number of predefined language specifications or allows you to load your own user-defined language specification
Generate CodeGenerates the code according to the current language specification
EvaluateDirectly evaluates the model within MOSAICmodeling. This feature is only available for a couple of algorithms, which are marked bold in the dropdown menu
DescriptionProvides some information on the predefined language specification
Code Generator and Solver PropertiesLets you set those options that were implemented by the MOSAICmodeling team
Specific Environment PropertiesProvides additional options if the user added CAPE-OPEN function and interfaces to the model
Table 1: Elements of the code evaluation.