Extras: File manager

Optional element

In some cases, users want to rename their files, e.g., because they made a spelling error or because they have developed a new naming policy for their model elements. Other users may want to move their elements to another folder for better readability. Both goals can be achieved with the file manager.


The file manager allows the user to rename and move elements the user has writing (= editing) access to. It also enables the user to give other MOSAICmodeling users reading or editing access to model elements.

Explanation of the editor

The file manager provides an overview of all files and folders the user has access to as is shown in Figure 1. The capabilities of the file manager are explained in Table 1.

Figure 1: File manager for renaming and moving elements as well as giving reading or editing access to other users.
Element type selectionDefault: -1: Folders Only. Allows the user to only show the selected type of elements, e.g., when one searches for a certain variable specification
“+”Allows the user to add a new sub-folder in directories the user has editing rights
RenameAllows the user to rename a model element in directories the user has editing rights
MoveAllows the user to move a model element to another location if the user has editing rights in this directory
“Bin”Allows the user to delete a model element
Update Folders/FilesUpdates the currently shown item based on the element type selection (see above)
Read onlyOnly shows elements the user has reading rights to
Hide emptyHides empty folders
“+ Editor” / “X Editor”Allows giving / removing editing rights to a specific user or user group
“+ Reader” / “X Reader”Allows giving / removing reading rights to a specific user or user group
Table 1: Elements of the file manager.