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MOSAIC 1.1 released

A new version of MOSAIC is released. The update includes the following changes: The following new features are available upon request: Measurement database Discretization editor for ODE, DAE and PDE systems Interface for design of experiment tools Bug fixes: Issue #55 – Wrong label in package createion dialog Issue #56 […]

Distributed server

We extended our service and added two new server and upon login, you can now choose to which server you want to connect. One is located in Cologne, Germany and the second one in Scranton PA, USA. All the data is synchronized in between the servers and you can switch […]

Java Web Start

MOSAIC is by default a Java Web Start application now. Unlike before, MOSAIC will not run inside the browser, as a Java-applet does. The resulting advantages are less compatibility problems with the browsers and a large improvement with respect to the stability and performance. The applet version is still available […]