Update to Version 1.5

A new version of MOSAIC (1.5) is available now. Have a look at the changelog:

  • ICAS-MoT support: New editor enables import of ICAS-MoT files into MOSAIC for code generation
  • ICAS-MoT support: Code generator to create xml files compatible with ICAS-MoT available for all users

    New ICAS-MoT feature collection
  • Editor for user-defined LanguageSpecifications extended: Cape-Open Unit Operation support with access to inlet-ports, outlet-ports, and parameters for code generation
  • The server in Brazil now supports direct evaluation (BzzMath and GSL)
  • sDACl Language Specification has been updated
  • VariableNamings with index will now be correctly sorted in tables
  • MathML parser for discretization module improved
  • External Index Specifications have been completely removed
  • EquationSystemEditor: Functions are now only allowed to be added when notation already has been loaded
  • MathML entity displaying (e.g. “ϵ”) now more compliant with W3C standard