Update to Version 1.2.2

A new update of MOSAIC is released with the following changes

  • New XML-Engine, which should increase the speed with less usage of the memory
  • Bug fixes:
    • Issue #3 – File selection
    • Issue #23 – code generation with user-defined lang spec causes freeze
    • Issue #24 – Evaluation editor loses location
    • Issue #50 – At Evaluation Editor, at Variable Specification, when you want to open a Variable list (at Var Specs), it always asks if you want to save the changes, even though you haven’t done any change. It is only confusing
    • Issue #30 – Erweiterte Möglichkeiten des Index
    • Issue #39 – show all elements in database manager
    • Issue #17 – Operation definition local visualization does not display correct results
    • Issue #96 – Attachments missingshow all elements in database manager