Update to Version 1.4.1

Today MOSAIC has been updated to a new version (1.4.1). Have a look at the improvements and bugfixes in the following list:

  • The editor to edit variable specification lists (VarSpecViewer) has been significantly improved:
    • All Variables can be sorted by id, name, classification, value, LowerBound or UpperBound
    • VariableNamings are rendered
    • The table of including model elements lists now all model elements that contain the currently opened variable specification list
  • Using the ImportTab of the Evaluation Editor it is now possible to include not only the value but also lower and upper bounds of variables
  • Description and keywords are now available for all model elements
  • Logging of user actions for improved support can be activated (Extras->Information)
  • Specification of “integrate” and “encapsulate” has been updated (see MOSAIC Documentation->Connectors for Details)
  • Indexing section of the Evaluation Editor has been revised. The new “index pools” should minimize the number of TopLevelIndices to be specified
  • The RefreshTree function in the database Editor now works without selecting any package
  • The “Attachment” part of the DescriptionTabs (file up- and download) has been improved and the entries can now be sorted by name or date
  • Instantiation of nested sums has been fixed