Update to Version 1.2.6

We are happy to announce a new update of MOSAIC (version 1.2.6). Compared to version 1.2.5 several improvements and bug fixes have been included:

  • The indexing section of the evaluation editor has been refactored. Indices are now displayed in a tree structure. Dependent indices are grouped under the leading index. In order to improve the documentation it is now possible to add more information to the indices. Meanings for certain index values can be added for each index, e.g. if the index i stands for the components,  i=1 -> “water”, i=2 ->”methanol” indicates that component 1 is meant to be water and component 2 is methanol.
  • The settings of the information panel concerning the MOSAIC title bar are stored in the database and restored when logging in again
  • The information panel preserves the option to choose the sorting criteria of the files in the open dialog. Two options are available: order by name and order by id
  • Plots can be saved as vector grafic (.svg)
  • The performance of the code generation for the MatlabDAE language specification has significantly been improved for larger systems
  • Documentation generation: create directly complete latex document
  • Analyser: bordered block decomposition introduced
  • Multiple functions at once can be removed from equation systems by multi selection
  • Canceling the progress bar actually cancels the parsing process and does not cause MOSAIC to freeze anymore.
  • Opening a file using the search changes the current working package
  • State variables cannot be declared as design variables using variable specifications
  • Nonlinear programming: values are correctly updated after code generation
  • Nonlinear programming: switching between optimization and iteration variables possible
  • Improved import panel for GAMS output
  • More flexibility with variables composed of greek letters in functions
  • Greek letters correctly rendered in the parameter specification tab
  • User information when illegal names are used in the notation editor
  • Inserting an equation system to itself leads to exactly one error message
  • MOSAIC prevents parameters to be used inside differential operators