Update to Version 1.6

We are happy to announce the new update of MOSAIC (version 1.6). The following things are new or improved:

  • Documentation based flowsheeting with Ports&Streams facilitated by visualization of the units in the equation system editor

    MOSAIC Flowsheet Visualization
    MOSAIC Flowsheet Visualization
  • File Manager revised and extended, enabling “hide empty packages” and “show read only”

    Changes in the File Manager
    Changes in the File Manager
  • New code export for Modelica (for NLE, DAE, and ODE systems)
  • Direct code export to harddisk enabled
  • Code export button added in the “View Code” panel of the evaluation editor
  • Code export into multiple files supported for a selected number of language specifications
  • Line numbers are now displayed in the “View Code” panel of the evaluation editor
  • The Variable Specification editor has a new export tab to export a variable list including name, namespace, value, and bounds of a each variable
  • Search for model element id without typing “id:” in the search dialog
  • After searching for a model element by typing the id and pressing ‘Enter’, ‘Shift+Enter’ will open the element directly
  • Indices of evaluations are finally organized in “index pools” to minimize the necessary specification input and to have a consistent indexing throughout the whole, composed model
  • Mac and Unix operating systems now get a system specific Look&Feel of the MOSAIC graphical user interface
  • “String based” namespaces and function value indices are now sorted “numerically”
  • The panel for the rendered preview of an equation system now automatically adjusts to the length of the longest visible equation, no equation is cut off
  • A bug concerning the “Set Font Size” button in the panel for the rendered preview of an equation system has been fixed
  • A bug concerning variable classification in evaluations with more than 5000 variables has been fixed