Update to Version 1.6.1

A new version of MOSAIC (1.6.1) is available now. List of new features and bugfixes:

  • New ‘hierarchy panel’ introduced to visualize the model structure. Available in the equation system editor and the Evaluate/Simulation sectionHierarchy Panel
  • The ‘hierarchy panel’ allows to directly open a selected equation or equation system in the respective editor (use right-click)
  • The tab ‘Editors’ has been renamed to ‘Editors/Model’
  • The tab ‘Evaluate’ has been renamed to ‘Evaluate/Simulation’
  • The tab ‘Optimization’ now includes the editors for ‘Simultaneous Optimization’ and ‘Optimal exp. Design’
  • Fixed: The symbols ‘\epsilon’ and ‘\varepsilon’ are now correctly interpreted according to the definition in LaTeX
  • Fixed bug in the package manager that caused problems in granting and removing access rights to files and packages
  • Fixed bug in the documentation editor preventing to create the hierarchy of the generic equations