Update to Version 2.3.3

A new version of MOSAICmodeling (2.3.3) is available now. New Features, improvements and fixes in MOSAICmodeling 2.3.3:

  • New: Option to import information from (DEXPI) xml files and export selected values into xml files added to the variable specification in the simulation editor

  • New: When loading equations or equation systems in the connected element dialog of the equation system editor, their notation is analyzed and the connection policy is (pre-)set automatically, according to the following rules:
    1. ports contained -> streams policy
    2. different notations used -> encapsulate policy
    3. else -> integrate policy

    May perceivably slow down the software when loading large systems

  • New: ‘Import Values’ button added to the unit operation export editor
  • New: The ‘Usages’ panel next to the description lists the usages of the currently active element in other elements. A right click opens the description of the selected element in a new messagebox/window

  • Improvement: MOSAICmodeling now automatically detects and reports inconsistency of variables and parameters having the same name in the same namespace. This should prevent errors in the simulation level by reporting this inconsistency on equation system level
  • Improvement: User interface of the UDLS-editor and documentation of this editor updated
  • Improvement: LangSpecMatlabNLE: code generation option for MaxFunEvals introduced (integer values allowed)
  • Improvement: It is not allowed anymore to save functions that use input or output namings with instantiated indices. Plain scalar values and namings with generic indices are the way to go
  • Improvement: More info is given when warnings or errors occur during the modeling process
  • Fix: Method determining the index offset (getValueForOffsetNode) in instantiation checked
  • Fix: documentation editor, latex-output: \item added inside fucntions in itemize environment, degree unicode symbol is now replaced by \degree command
  • Fixes: The order of function input arguments in function calls for direct functions (in code generation with UDLS) is now corrected
  • Fixes: Predefined code generation for SciLab now correct when choosing naming policy ‘by global index’
  • Fixes: Small fixes of several reported bugs have been applied