Release of MOSAIC 3.0.1

MOSAICmodeling Logo 3.0

We are happy to release version 3.0.1 of MOSAICmodeling. With this version, we have made some major architectural changes. Most importantly we have now switched to the next long-term support version of Java. The respective runtime environment JRE 11 is now directly included in MOSAICmodeling and does not need to be installed separately anymore. This, however, has some ramifications. The old installations of MOSAICmodeling cannot be actively updated from our site. Users need to obtain a platform-specific (Windows, Linux, macOS) installer for the new version, which can be found here: Downloads.

In addition, further changes and additions have been made to the functionality of MOSAICmodeling:

New log-in window now allows for log-in by associated email.
  • The variable specification inside the optimization environment has now been replaced by a more advanced editor, which supports a wide variety of new variable types, i.e., control variables, measurement data, and discrete time points.
  • The optimization environment now also supports dynamic systems and optimization by, e.g., single shooting. For this purpose the user-defined language specification has been extended. Extensive documentation hereof will be issued soon.
  • The log-in window of MOSAICmodeling has been completely refurbished and now also allows for log-in by an email address, which is associated with your account.
  • Further (hidden) features will be released soon and also added to the documentation here.
New variable specification editor for the optimization environment.

Finally, we would like to thank ej-technologies GmbH for providing install4j to us, which has been instrumental for generating the platform-specific installers mentioned above.