Model: Parameter list

Optional element

Parameters are an essential part of every model. In MOSAICmodeling, you can easily set up these parameters so that they are automatically recognized and appear in an extra tab in the Simulation: Specifications


The purpose of parameter lists is to hold variables with constant values for both equations and functions. For example, the universal constant will always be a constant parameter in your models. Therefore, it makes sense to define it within the parameter list.

In addition, adjustable parameters of unit operations (e.g. for CAPE-OPEN) must be declared in a parameter list, too. Each parameter abides by the same rules as all other MOSAICmodeling variables, meaning that a base name may be joined by a single subscript, and several superscripts and indices.

Explanation of the editor

Parameters need to be added to your parameter list with the help of the editor in Figure 1. Table 1 explains the entries of the notation editor. Once you have added them via the “+” sign, they appear in the column “Variable Naming”. Optionally, their respective engineering unit can be selected.

Figure 1: The editor for parameter lists lets you define parameters using the specified notation. These parameters lists can be loaded when you write your equations. The parameters defined here will later appear in an extra specification tab.
FileFilename of your parameter list once you have saved or loaded it
NotationNotation on which your parameter list is based
DescriptionA description of the current parameter list
KeywordsOptional keywords for your notation
UsagesModel elements, i.e., equations or functions, in which the parameter list is used
ParametersParameters defined by you as they will appear in your equations
Entries on right sideThe tabs “Base Names”, “Superscripts”, etc. show you the currently loaded notation so that you may see which symbols are already defined. You can only use symbols, indices, etc. for your parameters that appear in this list
Table 1: Elements of the parameter list.


The image below illustrates the workflow to set up a parameter list.

Figure 2: Workflow to set up a parameter list.