Update to Version 2.1

A new version of MOSAIC (2.1) is available now. New features, improvements and fixes in MOSAIC 2.1:

  • New: User-defined langspecs (UDLS) introduced for (simultaneous) optimization.
  • New: Model elements are compressed in the database to reduce traffic over the internet connection.
  • New: Unit operations installer can be created directly on the server without local software installation of e.g. Visual Studio.
  • New: Enhanced expressions using indices that either give meaning or value supported, e.g. row/col (‘meaning’) and i/j (‘value’) in x_{row=i} = \sum_{j=1}^{Nj}{A_{row=i,col=j} \cdot b_{row=j}}.
  • New: Preview of imported values in variable and parameter specification sections including namespace matching.
  • Improvement: Analysis can now support bigger equation systems.
  • Improvement: Login now gives better messages to distinguish between unavailable connection and incorrect login credentials.
  • Improvement: Additional checks in the function application section prevent misuse of functions.
  • Fix: The search now shows the correct file names of renamed model elements.
  • Fix: Sensitivity panel in the Analysis feature refactored.
  • Fix: Code generation and model import for ICAS-MoT refactored.
  • Fix: gPROMS code generation now uses “SQRT()” instead of “()^(1/2)”.
  • Fix: Minor fixes in UDLS for unit operations (especially in the port variables section).