Update to Version 1.4

A new update (version 1.4) is now automatically provided when starting MOSAIC. The following bugfixes and features have been applied and added:

  • New model element ‘Optimization’ added
  • Major improvements of the OptimizationEditor including description and keyword panel for the optimization model elementMOSAIC_OptimizationEditor
  • Neos server new general, future-proof url
  • Transformation editor for automatic user-defined discretization of ODE and DAE systems improved
  • Improved handling of summation indices
  • VariableSpecificationEditor improved (new renderer classes introduced)
  • Database combobox focusable by tab (between passwordTextfield and loginButton)
  • StandardLoginDialog improved (pressing enter in the combobox starts login process)
  • Sort order of files in open dialog correctly applied
  • Available, directly on the server executable language specificators are highlighted bold and italic
  • Evaluation solvers displayed in a new order (first ones are directly executable)
  • ProgressBar/Loading aborted issue: new attempt to get rid of wrong error messages caused by closing the progress bar before the work has finished
  • Measurements can be connected to models now
  • Screenshot [Ctrl+Shift+p] save dialog automatically adds pdf file extension
  • Writing ‘null’ as content in the data table is prevented
  • AnalyseController uses better sql statements to handle ‘ inside the code to be executed