Update to Version 1.4.3

The updated version of MOSAIC (1.4.3) is now available. The following things have been changed, improved, or fixed:

  • Description for the sDACl language specificators added
  • Ports and Streams: Ports of underlying equation displayed
  • Ports and Streams: Stream connection shows only the open, connectable ports
  • Shortcuts in the notation editor (alt+n, alt+b, alt+p, alt+i) should now work even after clicking on open, save, etc.
  • EvaluationEditor: If an underlying equation system is more recent than the loaded evaluation, a warning is prompted, indicating to re-apply the indexing is not fitting anymore

    Here a collection of the new features is shown
    New Feature Collection
  • EvaluationEditor: Clicking on “Evaluate” in the code panel starts an indeterminate progress bar to indicate that MOSAIC is still running, waiting for the evaluation to finish and for the results to be imported
  • EquationSystemEditor: The external index functionality has been disabled to clean the user interface
  • CodeGeneration: The default absolute tolerance parameter has been reduced in many language specifications
  • New Shortcut in the indexing panel of the EvaluationEditor: Ctrl+Enter is equal to pressing ‘Confirm Index Data’
  • ConnectorEditor: New buttons added to directly create variable namings for the sub and the super notation
  • EquationEditor: Numbers as non-leading characters allowed in subscript and superscripts
  • EquationEditor: Greek letters allowed in subscript and superscripts
  • Exteras->FileManager: “Packages Only” is the new default setting when showing the available data
  • MOSAIC login: Fast response and unavailability message added if the selected server is currently not available
  • sDACl code executor: Retrieving of the evaluation results fixed
  • EvaluationEditor: The caret of the “View Code” panel is now set to the beginning of the code after new code creation