Update to Version 2.2

A new version of MOSAICmodeling (2.2) is available now. New features, improvements and fixes in MOSAICmodeling 2.2:

  • New: Value Import now also shows unaffected variables and unmatched imports
  • New: Value Import now allows import from variable specification lists and of variable classifications
  • New: Search for model elements via id now possible on all serversmosaic2.2_import_feature
  • Improvement: Ports & Streams have been refactored and now provide extended consistency checks
  • Improvement: Hierarchical, predictable namespaces now used instead of previous short namespaces
  • Improvement: Code generation for Chemcad improved (moved function declaration, additional comment for unit conversion)
  • Fix: Documentation generation for instantiated equation systems including ports fixed.
  • Fix: Compatibility of interface pattern assistance and engineering units feature ensured
  • Fix: ACM code generation supports ACM function calls again
  • Fix: Set multiple values in VarSpecViewer works again as expected
  • Fix: Editing indices in Notation Editor fixed