Update to Version 1.7

The new release of MOSAIC (1.7) is online. List of new features and bugfixes:

  • New ToolBox in the Equation Editor to automatically enter LaTeX expressionsMOSAIC-Toolbox
  • HierarchyPanel improved (explicit sort order, fixed open procedure)HierarchyPanel-NewSortOrder
  • Search button available in more file panels (Berlin-DB)
  • New Cape-Open function interface for calculating t=f(p,h,x) introduced
  • Evaluate/Simulation: CodeGenerationPanel rearrangedCodeAndRun-NewDesign
  • ConnectorEditor: VariableMatchingPanel rearrangement of tables and buttons
  • LSUD Editor GUI: Cape-Open unit operation functions only visible when activated
  • Greek letter \vartheta fixed
  • Fixed bug concerning the rights to save a model element in the editors